CTS Minimum Discounts for Motorola Solutions
For complete product speciifcations, please visit the vendor web site: Motorola Solutions
Product Part Number Description MSRP* Min Disc % DIR Price
RFID Reader FX9500-41324D41-US FX9500 RFID Reader $1,695.00 5% $1,610.25
Digital Scanner DS3508-ER20005R  DS3508 Digital Scanner $900.00 5% $855.00
Cordless Scanner DS3578-ER2F005WR  DS3578 with FIPS Digital Scanner $1,050.00 5% $997.50
Bar Code Scanner DS457-DL20009  DS457 Fixed-Mount Scanner $505.00 5% $479.75
* MSRP as of 03/20/2015, subject to change